NPOWER Software - Advanced Modeling Plugins for 3DSMAX and RHINO

Activating License:

1. Purchase License from here. After you have purhcased the license, you should receive a confirmation email that looks like the following.

*Take note of the LicenseID and Password

2. Run Max as administrator. Make sure that you have installed the plugins properly. You should get the product selectiong dialog below. Make sure SubDNurbs is selected. Press OK.

3. You should now see the SubDNurbs Activation Dialog below. If you do not, then you have not installed the plugins properly or your config file is incorrectly set. (Remember to run as administrator)

4. Click Activate SubDNURBS, which should bring you to the following dialog.

5. Click Activate SubDNURBS Online, and enter your License ID and Password from your electronic receipt (see Step 1)

6. Click Continue and you should see the following dialog if activation is successful. If you do not see the following dialog, please contact us for support.


Adding Credits:

1. Purchase additional Credits here.

2. Once you have done that you should receive an electronic receipt that looks like the following:

*Take note of the License ID and password

3. After Applying REMod and clicking Update (or enabling the modifier), you should see the following dialog

4. Click Add, which will prompt you for your License ID and password

5. Enter your License ID and Password and click OK. Your credits should now be added

*If you do not have an internet connection, click "Add Offline" and follow the instructions in the dialog.