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The Power Corner Blend command will create a blended surface between multiple selected edges or curves (up to 4).  
Curve Selection Parameters
Pick Shapes/Edges:  Click on this button and then pick the curves that you wish to blend between.

Use Tangent Fields:  This option controls whether or not the resulting blend will refer to the tangent fields of the adjoining surfaces.  Turning this option on will make it smooth the transition between the blend and the surfaces attached to the selected curves.  
Auto Orient Curves:
  This switch will automatically orient the direction of the curves so that they form a continuous ordered loop.  
Fix Gaps:  This switch will automatically join up the selected edges even if there is a gap between them.  
  Blend Adaptivity Options  

Adaptive:  This option will perform an adaptive solution.
Uniform Adaptive:
Number of Curves:
  Choose this option if you want to designate a number of controlling curves.
Use Rail Knots:  The solution will reference the rail knots along the rails.
Adaptive Knots:  In this solution, the blend curve knots will adapt to fit the solution.

  Blend Type  

Optimized Blend:  
B-Spline Blend:  The blend solution will be a B-Spline
Circular Arc:  This option will blend the curves together through a circular arc path.  The blended solution will have a uniform curvature.

  Blend Definition  

Uniform:  This option will perform an uniform solution.
Chord Length:  A chord length value will define the blend arc

  Blend Parameters  

3D Tolerance %:  Tolerance used to determine the topology of the selected curves.  The tolerance is a 3D distance representing the percentage of the distance between the curve endpoints measured against the overall length of the curves.  A larger value will allow usage of curves that are further apart. 
Angle Tolerance:  Determines the direction of the profile offset (if an offset distance is entered).  The "In" option will offset the profile toward the center of the profile (essentially shrinking the profile).  The "Out" option offsets the profile outward (making it a larger profile).  The "Both" option offsets in both directions so that the profile is the center of the offset.
Tangnt Strength:  Determines the amount of influence that the tangency value will have on the curvature of the blend.  In other words, it determines how much the tangency to the adjacent surfaces will control the shape of the blend.
Max Gap%:
  Sets up a number of intermediate curves along the blend.