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The Power Bevel  tool provides a very convenient way to detail joints or seams by applying a bevel to a trim joint. 


1) Typically the user will user this tool in conjunction with the Pwr_Trim command or Pwr_Project.  A curve is usually first used to trim a surface.  Then this curve can be used to bevel the separating edges.
2) Select "Pick Bevel Rails" and pick sketch curves or edges of a NURBS Brep.
3) If you need to adjust the radius of the tube along different positions, use Sub Obj Tangent to clone and edit the tangent surface of the corresponding curve/edge.

  Power Bevel Parameters  

Pick Bevel Rails: starts process of picking curves for the bevel path.

Pick Entire Loop:  if true a loop of connected curves in the corresponding sketch or NURBS Brep will be picked for the bevel rail path.

Mirror the Profile: the radius of the tube if "Radius From Deriv. Surface" is not checked.

Pick Bevel Profile: This option is used in conjunction with the "User Defined" type of
bevel.  To choose a "non-standard" bevel, select the "User Defined" bevel type. Note that the Bevel Profile tangent direction is the X direction of the Sketch. Also note that the Bevel Profile should be a single curve not a connected set of curves. If you have multiple curves, use the "Join" in the Sketch or create a Composite Sketch using Pwr_CSketch.

Size: the size value allows you to scale the bevel cross-section

Rotation: this parameter applies an angular rotation to the bevel cross-section face as it is applied to the bevel curve path.


  Bevel Types  

Line: Creates a straight edge linear bevel

Half Circle: The bevel will be made using a half circle cross section.

Quarter Circle: the bevel will be defined with a quarter circle cross section.

Half Blend:

Quarter Blend:

User Defined: Choose this bevel type to define your own bevel type.  The bevel type can be made using a sketch curve.  After choosing this option, click on the "Pick Bevel Profile" button to choose the bevel definition curve.