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  Back Cull  
  Back Cull: This is a convenience check box to turn on and off back face culling found in Display Mode. When flipping faces it is often necessary select faces which are in wrong direction.  
  Face Duplication  

Face Duplication allows the user to select duplicate faces. It allows the control of an edge match percentage to allow it to match cases where the faces don't exactly match.

Select Duplicates:  Select duplicate faces based on the Edge match percentage. A 100% edge match only selects duplicate faces which have exactly the same edges.
Edge Match %:  Defines how closely faces need to match to be consitered duplicates. 100% match means all edges of each face need to match. A 50% value indicates that half of the edges of the face with less edges need to match.

  Adjacency Expansion  

Adjacency expansion provides a way to do selection by adjacency ring of faces with a common orientation. A ring is defined by all of the faces which are adjacent to the selected faces. A ring of 1 about a selected face grabs all faces which share edges with that face and have the same orientation.

Flip Faces Mode: In this mode when you select a face, all adjacent faces with the same orientation out to the number of expansion rings are flipped.
Expansion Rings:  This defines many expansion rings are used in the face flipping, selection or hiding modes. A large number like 20 will typically expand all over a part. A small number like 2 or 3 will just expand locally on the part.
Select Mode: Selection of faces with the same orientation using ring expansion.
Hide Mode:  Hides faces with same orientation using ring expansion.


Note: The commands in this dialog are not undoable. Undo has been disabled to allow the user to efficiently process large Brep objects.

Apply: Exits this dialog
Auto Orient: Tries to automatically orient the whole object using a combination of ray tracing and adjacency information. This operation may be somewhat time consuming.
Hide Sel: Hides currently selected faces.
Unhide All: Unhides all hidden faces.
Expand Oriented Sel: Expands the current face selection by 1 ring.
Flip Sel: Flips the orientation of all currently selected faces.

Viewport Visibility Selection

The tools in this section utilize the current viewport orientation to help in orient faces. This tool is very convenient for consistently orienting open shell objects like sheet metal parts easily.

Select All: Selects all either back facing or front facing faces.
Visible: Selects visible front or back facing faces.
Hidden: Selects hidden front or back facing faces.
Back Facing Faces: If checked the selection button above only searches for faces which have a principle normal facing backward.
Front Facing Faces: If checked the selection botton above only searches for faces which have a principle normal facing frontward.