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Upper Left - Original Result
Upper Right - Operand Edges
Lower Left - Intersection Edges
Lower Right - Operator Edges


This dialog can be opened when an operator is selected in the Boolean Tree. It allows you to apply fillets, chamfers and blends automatically to either the intersection edges, operator edges, operand edges, or any combination of those.

Radius:  The fillet radius or chamfer distance


Blend Scale

Blend Scale:  Scale factor that determines the rate of blending convergence.  The smaller the value, the more gradual the change and the smoother transition between the faces participating in the fillet.


Cross Section

Circular:  Circular arc
Approximate Circular:  fixed chamfer distance
G1 Blend:  Blended G1 continuity fillet
G2 Blend:  Blended G2 continuity fillet
G3 Blend:
  Blended G3 continuity fillet



Constant Radius:  Use this option to create fillets with a constant radius
Constant Distant:  Use this option to create chamfers

  Fillet Options  

Fillet Intersection Edges:  Fillet the intersection edges created by the Boolean operation
Fillet Operand Edges:  Fillet all edges of the selected operand
Fillet Operator Edges:  Fillet all edges of the operator object
Fillet All Edges:
  Fillet all edges of the Boolean result