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Before and After Face Replacement


  Face Replacement  

To replace a face, follow these steps:

1)  Select the face(s) on your object to replace
2)  Choose the appropriate settings (Accuracy, History) in the dialog
3)  Select the replacement surface that you want to use to replace 
the initially selected face
4)  Click ok to replace the face
5)  The face will be replaced with the new one

Usage Notes:
1) You may replace more than one face at a time.
2) The replacement surface may be above, below or through the face it is replacing.
3) There should be a clearly defined intersection between the adjacent faces or their extensions and the new surface. Face replacement doesn't work for tangent surfaces.


Medium:  Uses 5 digits of accuracy for the face replacement operation
Low:  Uses 4 digits of accuracy
High:  Uses 6 digits of accuracy
Very Low:  Uses 3 digits of accuracy
Very High:  Uses 7 digits of accuracy

Hide:  Hide the original face on the object (the face that is replaced)
Show:  Show the original object (along with the result)
Delete:  Delete the original object
Change Layer:  Put the original object on a different layer
Lock:  Freeze the original object from future editing