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Customer Comment: "Power Surfacing RE has completely opened up new horizons for what I am able to design in within Solidworks. I was able to design in days what would have previously taken months. It has allowed me to create organic shapes and edit scanned meshes with ease. With Power Surfacing RE, I have been able to take my prosthetic hand designs to a whole new level, and I am now only limited by my own imagination. I cannot thank N Power software enough" - Mat Bowtell

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Easily Reverse Engineer 3-D Meshes Inside SOLIDWORKS®

  • Convert Scanned Meshes, ZBrush Meshes and more to SOLIDWORKS® Geometry
  • Capture an Amazing Level of Detail
  • Highly Automated for Easy and Fast Conversion
  • Work Right Inside of SOLIDWORKS® with this Highly Integrated Add-In

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