1. Power NURBS V2.0 Ships

....Experience the Revolution in 3d Design Modeling.

Power NURBS 2.0 Released!

See Press Release

- The most stable and powerful version of Power NURBS
- Max 9 support (including 64 bit)
- Improved User Interface and Help (illustrated help)
- Enhanced sketching tools
- Intelligent design change propagation
- New surface feature modeling tools
- Blend tool additions

- Power NURBS Pro costs $995

- Power NURBS bundle (includes Power Translators) costs $1195


2. Gallery Updates
Thomas Suurland and 3e-oeil add their incredible images to our automotive Gallery. You guys rock!


Check out the new updates to the galleries

- Updated Automotive gallery (this gallery has some really amazing new images from Thomas Suurland)
Updated Mechanical gallery
- Updated Military gallery
- Updated Power NURBS top 10 gallery (congratulations to the new additions)
- Dan Westerberg's beautiful motorcycle image cracks the Power Solids top 10 gallery
- Thanks to everyone who keeps sending us those amazing images
- We get so many that we are constantly behind in keeping the gallery up to date. If you have sent images, and they don't appear yet, please be patient. We'll post them as soon as we can.

- We still need a little help labeling some of the images in the galleries. Please send us the appropriate credit information for your images. Let us know if you want us to link to your web site.


3. Advanced Car Modeling Tutorial
Audio added to Step_01

Eric Pinkel's tutorials show how to build this formula one car

See the first two steps of the tutorial

- Join the forum discussion on how to build the car (plus other customer models).

Find out why everyone is so excited about Power NURBS; download a free demo

4. Power NURBS Educational Released!
....Experience the Power of NURBS and break into the world of Next Generation Modeling today.
Power NURBS Educational version - New!
- Fully functional Power NURBS (no limitations)
- For students and schools
- Runs on the educational version of 3ds Max
- Price is $195

5. Featured Artist: Neil Blevins
....Max Master Neil Blevins shares his thoughts about using nPower's Power Solids.

See what Neil has done, and why he uses nPower products

5. On The Road with nPower
....I'm on the road again. Check out the dates of our nPower European Road Shows and Workshops.

Fresh from his recent trip to Japan, Eric heads off to Europe.

View Eric's calendar


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