From Display, you have an option to show or hide back-facing edges when using transparency.

Disable Shaders

Disable Shaders will disable shaders in SubD edit mode only. This is useful for investigating graphics card compatibility issues. With shaders disabled, you will no longer have access to transparency options.

Triad Thickness

Triad Thickness allows you to adjust the thickness of the triad gizmo. Note that changing the thickness will affect the pick zone.

Triad Size

Triad Size allows you to change the length of the arrows and size of the gizmo.

SubD Push Back

SubD Push Back controls how much the SubD mesh faces move back from the edges.  If your edges are kind of jaggy, you might want to increase this value.

Reference Mesh Push Back

Reference Mesh Push Back controls how much the reference mesh is pushed back from the SubD during retopologizing.


The Zebra shader option in the Viewing tools section allows you to edit your SubD while observing the reflection pattern as you work.  

Line Density

Line Density allows you to control the overall scale of the stripes.

Stripe direction you can select either Vertical or Horizontal for the stripe orientation.

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