Draw Edges

This is the most useful of the retopo tools. It lets you create quads directly on the reference mesh, showing previews and filling in whenever possible. Use <backspace> to undo edges while you are still in Draw Edges mode. Right-click to end Draw Edges mode. Orphaned, or red edges, will cause any geometry created after them to be deleted upon Accept, so the Draw Edges command should be restarted as soon as they are detected.


Paint Faces

This tool lets you create a row of similarly shaped and sized faces with one stroke of the brush.  After starting the tool hold down the mouse either on a face or on an edge and drag the mouse along the path to create a string of faces.  You will see a preview of the faces as you draw.  The tool is very smart and will allow you to connect the end into faces or drag along beside an existing row of faces.  

First we create an initial quad using Draw Edges of the appropriate size.  Then we use Paint Faces making a square area with only 4 painting strokes.  Note that the final stroke automatically connects back when we move the cursor over the starting face.  Typically you might finish this sequence by using Smart Fill to fill in the interior and Shrink Wrap to snap it down to the mesh.

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