Glue [Edge Group ]

This tool welds lines of edges together as long as both ends are open. You must have the same number of edges selected on both sides.

Glue Edge Group used on two open ended edges, left, a close-ended set of edges where the end edges are not part of the selections, center, the  end result for both scenarios, right

Face [Grid]

This tool lets you create a quick grid of horizontal and vertical edges. When four edges are closed, a face or quad is created on the reference mesh. You can freehand lines or click to make straight lines.

Wrap [Around]

The Wrap Around tool lets you Retopologize cylindrical areas of your reference mesh by creating a few guidelines and then crossing them with a final line. You can then use the controls in the Command Panel to specify the number of rows and columns you want. The position and orientation of internal guide lines is used to generate the mesh on more complex reference meshes.    

see also optimization

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