Quad Wrap

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Quad Wrap  

Quad Wrap is a powerful tool to automatically retopologize objects.  You can control the size of the quad relative to the model size in the command options.  If your mesh is not a closed solid, you should uncheck Mesh is a Solid to get correct results.  Refill Concave Areas can be used to fill in concave areas that are smaller than the quad size.  It can also be done manually using Smart Fill.

The following sequence of images shows a typical workflow:

1) Top Left is the original scanned mesh

2) Top right is the default Quad Wrap with 4% quad size.

3) Middle Left shows a 1% quad size.  Note that going lower than 0.5% is not recommended.

4) Middle Right shows 1% quad size without the edges.

5) Bottom Left shows the result of Shrink Wrap with 1 subdivision level.

6) Bottom Right shows the resulting Solidworks body which comes in as a valid solid body.

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