Adjusting the Reference Mesh Display

You may have noticed that the SubD’s [flat] faces are fully visible ‘behind’ the reference mesh’s surface. This draw order effect was implemented to make modeling easier. If you chose to use the reference mesh as a 3D template and do not want to constrain the SubD vertices to it at some point, you may want to adjust the draw order Reference Mesh Push Back amount in the Options dialog . It can be found under General in the Power Surfacing Options.  

Setting the slider to the far left will show you where the actual SubD mesh faces are in relation to the reference mesh. At the far right, the SubD mesh will be drawn last or on top of the reference mesh. The effect will vary according to the viewing angle as well. Feel free to adjust the amount slider as needed.  

Push Back at minimum with 1, 2 and 3 subdivision levels of interpolation

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