Relax is an iterative mesh smoothing tool.  Each iteration of the smoothing command moves the selected vertices closer and closer to the average of it’s surrounding vertices.  The effect is that the mesh relaxes into a smoother and smoother state.  Relax is an excellent tool for evening out wild things in the mesh.  This tool often is used in the context of large meshes to make them smoother.  This tool can be used on all of the vertices or just a selected subset of them.  

Note 300 is the maximum number of smoothing iterations that will be performed at one time.  If additional smoothing is required, you may restart the command.

The first row of images show the mesh prior to smoothing; 10 iterations of smoothing (the default); and 20 iterations of smoothing.

The third row of images show 50, 100 and 300 iterations of smoothing.  

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