Removing Isolated faces

Removing Isolated Geometry The first step in preparing a scanned mesh for retopologizing is to remove any stray faces left behind from the scanning process.  The Select Connected option in the selection section of the Command panel makes this task fairly simple. You must, however, be in Edit Reference Mesh mode.

1.From the Power Surfacing RE tab’s Tool bar, select Edit Reference Mesh.

2.In the Command Panel’s Selection Utility, in the Selection Filters, choose Select by Element.

3.Click on the main part of the reference mesh.


4.Hold the Shift key down and select anything else that should be included in the reference mesh.

5.From the Selection Tools section, select Invert Selection. 6.When you are sure the remaining faces are all strays, use the Delete key on the keyboard or use the Delete tool from the Power Surfacing tool bar or the right-click menu. 7.You can exit Edit  Reference Mesh mode by selecting the green check mark in the Control panel.

Tip: If selecting the main part of the mesh only selects a small part of the object, turn on Display Open Edges to see if the model is too fragmented for this technique.


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