Sectioning Options

You can use Section View to help you get a feel for your SubD’s shape regardless of topology. Note that sections are display mode helpers only and do not refine or change your mesh in any way.


Sections- Checking Sections shows the section or sections in the viewport.  See top image on right.

X-Ray- Shows the full section through the model even when the SubD is fully opaque.  See second image on right.  See left image below.

Cutaway- This option hides the faces, but leaves the edges showing on the mesh on one side of the section through the SubD model.   See middle image below.


In this area, you can adjust the number of sections and how and where they are drawn through the model.

Sections- You may adjust the number of sections drawn on the model. If you set this value to more than one, Cutaway is automatically disabled.

Edit Section Gismo- When checked, a triad/gizmo appears to allow you to manually position and orient the section plane. If you are using more than one section, all sections will be parallel to the transformed section.  See right image below.

Flip Cutaway- This check box toggles the side of the model that is cutaway.

Create-In: - This option lets you turn on sections for any or all of the section plane’s X, Y and Z directions.

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