Sew (or Knit) is is an interactive command that allows the user to bring together edges and merge vertices which are close to each other but not necessarily exactly on each other.  It is like a Merge Vertices command that accepts a bunch of vertices and utilizes a sewing tolerance.

Available in Face model.

The top row of images demonstrates sewing at a value of 10, 12, 18 and 23 respectively.  The higher the value the larger the sewing tolerance.  

The bottom row of images demonstrates a common workflow where all of the faces are selected and the tolerance value is increased.


Unsew takes selected edges or faces and disconnects them.  If edges are selected, the selected edges become open edges.  If faces are selected, the boundary around the faces becomes open edges.

Available in Face and Edge mode.

The top row of images demonstrates a workflow of selecting faces, unsewing them, moving them and then bridging between them to create a modified shape.

The bottom row of images demonstrates an edge selection workflow where the faces are never completely detached.

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