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Pwr_Cutter gives you many options not available or not easily accomplished with the Pwr_Boolean command. One of the coolest things it does is to be able to slice up objects for an explosion or shattering. Here are some of the things you can do with the Power Cutter tool.

1) Break apart a stock object into elements of an editable mesh or into separate objects using cutters which are either solids or surfaces.
2) Use a single or multiple cutters on one or more stock objects at the same time.
3) Do a volume decomposition of a set of cutter objects.
4) Use a single cutter many times without maintaining the history.

Here is how to use  Power Cutter :  
1) Select an object you wish to use as a cutter.
2) Select the Pwr_Cutter command.   
3) Pick additional cutters.
4) Pick stock objects (stock objects will be cut up by the cutters).
5) Define the parts of the originals you wish to keep (Stock Outside Cutters, Stock Inside Cutters, Cutters Outside Stock).
6) You can then extract to an Editable Mesh and use the Explode option with 360 degrees to get separate objects to manipulate or animate.   

A few things to remember:
1) Cutters cut both Stock and Other Cutters.
2) Stock objects do not cut other stock objects but may cut cutters.
3) Surface Cutters (non-closed solids) need to go completely through the stock they are cutting.

  Power Cutter Selection  

The Editable NURBS object is a Power NURBS object that has permanent sub-object history and can be edited in much the same way an Editable Mesh can be edited. 

Pick Cutters:  Click on this button and then select the objects that will be used to cut / slice up the desired objects.
Pick Stock:  Click on this button and then begin picking the objects that will be cut up by the cutter objects.

Cutter Tool Mode

You may choose to use the cutter as more of a sculpting tool where you use it over and over to cut the same object. If so this menu will provide some convenience for you so you will not have to go through the Editable Mesh to get separate objects.

Auto Extract Mode: This mode will automatically extract the result when you select a stock object. It will not maintain the stock as a sub-object but will edit it and replace the object with the result of the cut. This will allow you to quickly cut and move the cutter and cut again.
Explode By Elements: This will explode each element into a separate object automatically if you are in Auto Extract Mode. This is a convenience method so you will not have to create an editable mesh and "Explode" it. This is a good tool to use if you are going to cut something apart. A good example of this technique is slicing bread. You use the cutter to cut a piece off, move it to the side move the cutter and and cut it again.

Cutting Options
Stock Outside Cutters:  Click on this button and pick the top level object used to Attach, Merge or Cut.
Stock Inside Cutters:  Attaches object by simply inserting it into the Editable NURBS as a separate element.
Cutter Outside Stock:  Removes (detaches) selected object from its parent object and creates a new object.
Cut With Selected Object
3-D Cut:  Cut the Editable NURBS object with a 3D object.  This will produce new edges corresponding to the intersection of the object with the Editable NURBS.
View Cut:  Cut the Editable NURBS object using a profile projected parallel to the current active view direction. 
Cut Selected Only:  Only the selected faces or elements object will be cut (other objects that intersect will not be affected)