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Pwr_FaceEdit is a utility program that allows you to replace a face on your object with a face from a different surface / solid.  It allows you to shape or sculpt your object by choosing new faces to use.
  Power FaceEdit Process  

The Pwr_FaceEdit command requires that you select a face on the object you wish to edit and then you select the replacement face.

1) Select the Power NURBS object to edit.  You may also select standard geometry like a box, and it will be converted to a Power NURBS object.
2) Click on the Pwr_FaceEdit command (either the icon or the Pwr_FaceEdit button)
3) Go into "Modifier Mode" by clicking the modifier tab (NOTE: Pwr_FaceEdit does not work in creation mode.  You must be in Max Modify Mode.).
4) Click on "Pick Face" button to select the face on your object that you want to replace.  This face will be highlighted when selected.
5) Once a face is selected, the "Pick Surface" button will become enabled.  Click on the "Pick Surface" button.
6) With the "Pick Surface" button activated, pick the surface that you want to use for replacement.  This surface will be projected onto the originally selected face, and it will replace that original face.  Note that the selected surface will be sewn into your original solid object, and your original solid object will be trimmed to the new surface.
7) Click on the "ShowResult" button to complete the operation.  The face will be replaced when you click on the ShowResult button.


  • The new surface should be oriented in roughly the same way as the original face's surface.

  • The new surface should be about the same size or preferably larger than the original face.

  • The faces adjacent to the original face should either intersect or be able to be extended to intersect the surface.

  • This option is typically used to replace the top or bottom face of an extruded solid. 

  • The topology (number of edges and vertices) of the result should be the same as the original.       

  Face Edit Parameters  

Pick Face:  Click on this button and then pick the face of your object that you wish to replace.
Pick Surface:  Click on this button and then choose the surface that you wish to use as a replacement.  This selected surface will become the new surface on your selected object.
Show Result:  Click on this button to complete the resulting face replacement.