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The Pwr_HelixSweep command allows you to create helical sweeps or coils.  A spring is an example of a helical sweep.  Our Power Helix Sweep also supports non-uniform (or scaled) helical sweeps.

Here is how to use Helix Sweep :  
1) Select an profile loop (2D shape) that you wish to use as the cross section for the helix
2) Click on the Pwr_HelixSweep command   
3) Click on the "Pick Axis Curve" button
4) Select the Axis to rotate your shape around.  
5) If you wish to scale the helix (or make a non-uniform helix), click on the "Pick Scale Curve" button and pick a scale curve to use.  The distance from the scale curve to the axis curve (along the helix path) will determine how far away (or the scale) the helix curve will be from the axis of the helix.  

  Helix Sweep Selection  

Pick Axis Curve:  Click on this button and then select the axis for the helical sweep.  The helix will be swept around this axis
Pick Scale Curve:  Click on this button and then select a curve for scaling.

Helix Sweep Parameters
Total Angle:  Defines the total angle of rotation through the whole helical shape.  For example, a 720 degree helix would be 2 full turns or twists.  Note that you should probably use "Number of Curves" in the approximation and use at least 4 curves for every 360 degrees.  For example, a 10 revolution helix should use at least 40 cross sections in it's approximation.
Cap Ends:  Turn this option on to cap the ends of the helical sweep.