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The Pwr_IsoCurve command creates isoperimetric curves on surfaces.


  1. Start the tool and move over a surface on an nPower NURBS object.  You should see the surface outlined in blue to indicate it is snapping to that face.

  2. Push down on the left mouse button and hold it.

  3. Move the mouse to see the position of curve change. 

  4. Lift up on the mouse button when the correct position of the curve has been reached.  

  Iso Curve Options  

Create U Iso Curve:  Create Iso curve in the U direction (horizontal) along the surface
Create V Iso Curve:
  Create Iso curve in the V direction (vertical) along the surface

  Iso Curve Parameters  

Parameter %:  This controls the position of the curve in the parametric domain.  For example 0.5 will produce a curve approximately in the middle of the surface.