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The Corner Blend (Pwr_CornerBlend) command will create a blended surface between 3 or 4 curves with optional tangency specified.

Creation Process
The start the command and then pick Sketch edges or NURBS Brep edges which form a closed loop of 3 or 4 curves.  
Curve Selection Parameters
Pick More Shapes:  Click on this button and then pick the curves that you wish to blend between.  You can pick a maximum of 8 curves.
Use Tangent Fields:  This option controls whether or not the resulting blend will refer to the tangent fields of the adjoining surfaces.  Turning this option on will make it smooth the transition between the blend and the surfaces attached to the selected curves.
Auto Orient Curves:  This switch will automatically orient the direction of the curves so that they form a continuous ordered loop.  
Fix Gaps:  This option will automatically trim curves where the endpoints do not match.   

Max Gap %:  When the "Fix Gaps" option is chosen, this value will determine the size (in percentage) of the gap that will be closed up.  If a gap is larger than this percentage amount, it will not be able to create the blend.  The percentage is a percentage gap distance with relation to the overall length of the curves.