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Pwr_Offset creates an offset surfaces for each face in the selected object.

Here is how to use Pwr_Offset :  
1) Select a Power NURBS Solid/Surface or Max Primitive to offset.
2) Choose the desired tolerance value   
3) Enter a "Offset Distance"

One or more offset surfaces will be created at the distance specified from the original surface..   

  Offset Parameters  

Offset Distance:  The distance to offset the surfaces


Note that the variation in the distance between the offset and the original surface will be 100 times the specified tolerance. An offset of Low or Very Low tolerance will yield a surface that it not very accurate but that has relatively few knots. High and Very High yields surfaces with a lot of knots which typically slows down the offset process.

Medium:  Uses a tolerance with 5 digits of accuracy.
Low:  Uses a tolerance with 4 digits of accuracy.
High:  Uses a tolerance with 6 digits of accuracy.
Very Low:  Uses a tolerance with 3 digits of accuracy. 
Very High:  Use a tolerance with 7 digits of accuracy.