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  Sewing Operations  

This tool can be used to sew together surfaces with seams / gaps.  These are typically encountered from bad import data.  The following options determine how the objects are combined.

Sew Edges To Edges:  This option will sew together edges of adjoining surfaces (removing the seams or gaps), making them into a single surface
Glue Edges To Surfaces:  This option is similar to the "Sew Edges" option except that the surfaces remain separate.
Do Nothing:  No sewing or merging will be performed

Surface Draping
The following options are used for surface draping.  Surface draping moves a surface down to the closest corresponding point on the base object. This tool is great for putting lables on things or applying textures across several smooth surfaces.

Pick Objects:  Click on this button to begin picking objects.
Draping Turned On:  turns on the option to perform surface draping
U Points:  The number of points to create in the U direction
V Points:  The number of points to create in the V direction
Surface Normal Drape:  Create the offset surface in the direction of the surface normal vector from the selected surface.
Reverse Drape Direction:  Create the offset surface in the opposite direction
Step Back Dist:  
Drape Direction Vector:  An orientation vector that defines the direction of the offset

Surface Re-Approximation
Choose the trimming type from the drop down list.  The trimming type determines how the surface fillet will be trimmed or extended at the ends of the fillets.  Choose between the following options.

Re-Approximation On:  
U Dir Segs:  Number of segments in the U direction
V Dir Segs:  Number of segments in the V direction