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Pwr_Project is a tool for projecting curves onto surfaces.  

Here is how to use the projection settings :  
1) Select a surface (or solid) object that you want to project a curve onto.
2) Choose the appropriate projection parameters   
3) Click on the "Pick Shapes" button
4) Select the curves to project onto the surface   

  Projection Parameters  

These options are used to determine to result of the projection operation.  

Pick Shapes:  Click on this button to select the shapes to project.  Note that this button is automatically selected when you start the command.

One Sided Projection:  Use this option if you only wish to project the curve in a specific direction.  For example, if you project onto a cylinder, and "One Sided Projection" is not chosen, the curve will be projected also onto the "back" side of the cylinder.  If you chose "One Sided Projection", and place the curve inside of the cylinder the curve will be projected only to one side of the cylinder..

Flip Projection Direction:  This option will change the project direction (to go in the opposite direction) if you are using One Sided Projection. It can also be used to change the natural orientation of the projected curve.