Editable Brep: Surface Visibility Floater


Editable Brep Surface Visibility Floater
The Editable Brep Surface Visibility Floater.

The Surface Visibility Floater is designed to streamline the changing of surface visibility parameters of Editable Breps. When an individual Editable Brep is selected, all the parameters/options in the surface visibilty floater (excluding the Flip Object Mode), mimic the parameters/options found in the Editable NURBS Visibility Mode Panel. This saves the hassle of going into the Visibility Mode Panel via the rollout, which is useful if you plan on making a lot of visibility changes.

A new and unique feature to the Surface Visibility Floater is the Flip Object Mode. This allows you to quickly flip faces across different Editable Breps.

Note: The Surface Visibility Floater is only active when you are in modify mode. (Tip: if you are in create mode, and select an Editable Brep, it will automatically switch you to modify mode and enable the Floater)

Flip Sel

The Flip Sel button works on surfaces, not just Editable Breps, allowing you to flip the orientation of the selected face.

Try making a blend, and then select it (make sure you are in modify mode). Notice that the Flip Sel button should be active in the Surface Visibility Floater. With 2-Sided Mesh turned off, you should be able to flip the orientation of the surface and see the difference.

Flip Object Mode

Activated Flip Object Mode
Activated Flip Object Mode.

Flip Object Mode allows for quick flipping of faces/surfaces across multiple Editable Breps. With Flip Object Mode turned on, selecting an Editable Brep flips all orientation of all of its faces. After selecting an Editable Brep, you are free to select another Editable Brep to flip its faces. This is extremely useful in scenarios where your model has a lot of flipped faces (perhaps after importing).

Document last updated: April 2010 (nPower version 7.0). Tested with Firefox 3.6.3, Internet Explorer 7.0.6002.