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The Pwr_OffSketch command allows you to offset sketches using either 2-D Planar or 3-D offsetting.

1) Pick and make active a single sketch curve to be offset.
2) Select Pwr_OffSkt tool or icon to start tool.
3) Select or Deselect Planar Offset to toggle between planar and 3D offsets
4) Spin the Rotation Angle if you have a 3-D offset
5) Adjust the Offset Distance

  Basic Options Selection  

Planar Offset: select this option to offset in a plane.

Offset Distance: adjusts offset distance

Rotation Angle: adjusts the rotation angle of the offset around the original cuve for 3-D offsets only.

  Planar Offset  

These options allow you to control the direction and type of Planar offset.

  Derivative Surface Offset  

Blend Corners: For 3D offseting of multiple curves this controls if there is a blend between the curves.