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The Power Circle tool provides a convenient way to create either simple precise circles or circles defined by 3 or more bezier points. The Points may be subsequently edited to form non-circle shapes. For example if you wish to create a closed bezier curve with 10 points this would be an easy way to do it.


1) Select the type of curve to be created.
2) Select the desired number of points if a Bezier Curve is created.
3) Click and Drag to create Circle.
4) Click "Edit Sketch" and edit points if desired.
5) A single Click will instead of Click/Draw will create a circle using the previous parameters.

  Power Circle Parameters  

Radius: Radius of the Circle.

Curve Type:

  • Sketch Circle Curve: specifies that we create a sketch circle that uses 2 points (center and point on on circle).
  • Single Bezier Curve: specifies that we create a single Bezier curve with "smooth" points.
  • NURBS Curve: specifies that we create a rational sketch NURBS curve with 9 control points.
  • Bezier C1 Curve: specifies that we create a single Bezier Curve with C1 Points.
  • Bezier C1 Segments: species that we create multiple Bezier Curves which start and end at C1 Points.

Number Points: specifies how many points to use in the construction of the "Bezier" type curves.