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The Power Rectangle tool provides a convenient way to create a rectangle or square using various curve types.


1) Select the type of curve to be created.
2) Click and Drag to create Rectangle (use "Ctrl" Click/Drag to create a square).
3 ) Click "Edit Sketch" and edit points if desired.
4 ) A single Click instead of Click/Drag will create a new rectangle using the previous parameters.

  Power Rectangle Parameters  

Length: size of the rectangle in the local coordinate system X Axis direction.

Width: size of the rectangle in the local coordinate system Y Axis direction.

Curve Type:

  • Single Bezier Curve: creates a single Bezier curve with "Corner" points or a single Bezier with C1 points if there is a Rounding Size specified.
  • 4 Sketch Lines: creates the rectangle using 4 Sketch Lines.
  • 4 NURBS Curves: specifies that we create a 4 Degree 3 NURBS Curves.

Corner Rounding: specifies that the corners are rounded either using Bezier curves or corner rounding of the vertices (for the Line and NURBS curves).