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The Power Tube tool provides a convenient way to create objects which consist of one or more tubes of variable radius. It can be used to create objects that look like a tree with branches or veins in body.


1) Typically the user will create a sketch curve that may have sketch curves branching off it.
2) Select "Pick Shapes/Edges" and pick sketch curves or edges of a NURBS Brep.
3) If you need to adjust the radius of the tube along different positions, use Sub Obj Tangent to clone and edit the tangent surface of the corresponding curve/edge.

  Power Tube Parameters  

Pick Shapes/Edges: starts process of picking shapes or edges for the center of the tube.

Pick Entire Loop: if true a loop of connected curves in the corresponding sketch or NURBS Brep will be picked.

Radius: the radius of the tube if "Radius From Deriv. Surface" is not checked.

Radius From Deriv. Surface: the radius of the tube will correspond to the derivative surface size of the corresponding curve.

Swap Center and Rail: this flag enables us to create a shape like a snake lying on a table by using the given curves to define points along outer edge of the tube instead of the center of the tube.

Cap Ends: if true the tube will be capped.

Use Boolean Union: if true a Boolean Union operation will be performed between tubes corresponding to each curve selected. This is useful in the case where we wish to use automatic filleting to fillet between the tubes.

Wall Thickness %: this specifies a wall thickness for making a hollow tube.