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  The Tangency Parameters dialog allows explicit control over the creation of tangent field surfaces associated with sketch curves.  Note that the tangent field surface can be viewed by selecting it in the Operators Parameters panel.  
  Tangency Selection  

Pick G1 Crv:  Pick a curve whose offset from the original sketch curve will define the direction and magnitude of a tangent surface.  
Pick G2 Crv:
  Pick a curve whose offset from the original sketch curve will define the radius of curvature. 

  Tangency Setting  

No Tangency:  Do not produce a tangent surface for this sketch curve.  
Edge Surface #1:  Utilize the first surface of an edge on a NURBS Brep or a sketch. 
Edge Surface #2:  Utilizes the other surface not used in "Edge Surface #1".
G1 From Curve:  Define the tangent direction using a curve.  Requires a G1 curve to be selected. 
Parall to Vector:  Make tangent field parallel to the specified vector.
Perpen to Vector:  Make tangent field perpendicular to the specified vector and the curve tangents.
Parall to Curvature:  Make tangent field follow curvature vector.  For example this would point inward or outward from a circle.    
Perpen to Curvature:  Make tangent field follow path perpendicular to curvature vector.  For example for a circle, this would be up or down along the Z axis of the circle.  

The following options only apply when selecting edges of a NURBS Brep.

Along Iso Curves: Utilize the Iso curve direction to control the orientation of the tangent field.  Typically this option is used when the curve is an iso curve.
Perpendicular To Edge:
Make the tangent field perpendicular to the edgeThis option is often used for closed curves trimming a surface.
Edge Averaging:
When multiple edges are selected for the sketch, average the tangent field between the edges.

  Curvature Setting  

No Curvature:  Don't utilize curvature in the tangent field surface.
G2 From Surface:  Utilize the second derivative from the surface in the tangent field - this option only applies for Edge Surface #1 and Edge Surface #2 options above.
G3 From Surface:
Utilize the third derivative from the surface - this option only applies for Edge Surface #1 and Edge Surface #2 options above.
G2 From Curve: Specifies the curvature will be taken from the "G2 Curve" selected above.   
From Dialog:  Utilize the curvature values in the tangent control handles. 

  Tangent Control Handles  

The tangent control handles allow you to modify the tangent field surface starting from the definition specified in the previous options.

Parameter:  Where along the curve to apply the handle in terms of a relative percent.  The range is 0% to 100%.
Tangent Length:  Specifies the length or strength of the tangent field surface.  
Twist Angle: Rotation of the tangent field around the curve counter clock wise.  

Flair Angle: Rotation of the tangent field up and down the curve.
Curvature Rad: Radius of curvature at this position on the curve.
Acceleration:  Acceleration or deceleration of the tangent strength.

  Parameter Window  

This window displays various parameters. It corresponds to the entries for the Tangent
control handle settings (see above)

Parm:  Parameter
Len:  Tangent Length
Tw:  Twist Angle
Fl:  Flair Angle
Cu:  Curvature Radius
Ac:  Accelleration

  Morph Editing  

Del Morph:  Delete the selected morph.
Duplicate #:  Number of morphs to duplicate starting with the selected morph.
Dup:  Duplicate the morphs now.