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Steps to create a Boolean operation:

1) Select the type of Boolean operation you want to use (i.e. Union, Intersection, Difference, etc.).  
2) Select the "Start Picking" button.  
3) Pick one or more objects to participate in the Boolean operation.  
4) As you are picking, you can also change the Boolean operation (Union, Intersection, Difference, etc.) and options (Cookie Cutter, Imprinting).  You can continue picking operands as long as the "Start Picking" button remains in the yellow / depressed state.  Each of the objects that you pick will be added to the Boolean operation.

In Modifier Mode, you can add objects to an existing Boolean by clicking on the "Start Picking" button.  Note that you may remove and reorder the Boolean operations using the "Operator Parameters" dialog.

Operation Settings
Union:  Combines together 2 or more separate entities into a single Boolean object
Intersection:  Creates a "new" object from the physical intersection between the 2 original objects (the non-intersecting volume is deleted / removed)
Subtraction:  The Subtraction (or difference) operation removes the volume of a selected object from the original object
Merge:  Combines a number of objects into a single object without removing the original objects.  This option is very useful for combining surfaces to form the boundary for a resulting solid.
Cookie Cutter:  Cuts a hole in the faces of the original solid shape (it only affects the faces of the solid).  The faces of the selected operand are not added to the Boolean result.
Imprinting:  Prints the outline of the shape (or intersection edges) onto the original object