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The Pwr_NURBS command is a convenient way to edit multiple NURBS Brep objects.  With the Pwr_NURBS command, you can modify NURBS Brep objects by changing filleting options, shelling options, display settings, render settings, etc.  The NURBS command also brings up the Power Navigator shown above.  The steps to do this are as follows:

1) Select all of the NUBRS Brep Objects that need to be edited.
2) Hit the "Pwr_NURBS" command
3) Modify the settings (i.e. Viewport Display or Rendering Approximation)
4) Exit command

The Pwr_NURBS command brings up the Power Navigator dialog.  Using the Power Navigator dialog, you can select individual objects in the hierarchy and modify them in a manner similar to the steps described above.  You can also change the names of the objects using the Power Navigator dialog.  See more information on Power Navigator.