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The top part of the dialog gives valuable information about your selected object.  

# Edges:  Tells how many edges there are on your object
# Open E:  Tells how many open edges there are.  These are edges which have only one face.  
These are non sewn edges.  This is an important indicator for identifying closed solids.
# Elements:  Tells how many elements there are.
# Vertices:  Tells how many vertices there are in the elements
# Faces:  Tells how many faces there are
# Volumes:
  Tells how many closed volumes there are. 

  NURBS Query  

The Power NURBS Query panel is where non-destructive query operations on the Power NURBS objects live.  These Query operations extract the selected objects into newly constructed copies of the selected type. These operations are useful for getting the data into a format that can be used for other commands.

Extr NURBS:  Extracts the selected sub-object faces to a Power NURBS object
Extr To Mesh:  Extracts the selected sub-objects to an editable mesh object
Extr To Curve:
  Extracts the selected sub-object edges to 3ds Max NURBS curve object
Extr To Nurbs:  Extracts the selected sub-object faces underlying surface to a 3ds Max NURBS surface object


The bottom part of the dialog gives valuable information about the version of Power NURBS, Power Solids, or Power Translators that you are running.

Power NURBS Version #:  Gives the version of Power NURBS
Power Solids Version #:  Gives the version of Power Solids
Power Translators Version #:  Gives the version of Power Translators