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Pipe Parameters
The Pwr_Pipe command allows you to create a pipe defined by a radius and a smooth curve.  A smooth curve is one that has no corners or tangent discontinuities.  If you use a Spline all of the interior vertices have to be set to type "Smooth".  If you use the NURBS curve types this will happen automatically.  Of course, you can use the Power Sketch command to create good smooth curves.

Pick Rail Curve:  Click on this button to pick a rail curve.

Pipe Radius:
  Defines the cross section radius for the Pipe
Start Angle:
  Defines the start angle for the cross section (0 degrees is the default)
End Angle:
  Defines the ending angle of the cross section (360 degrees is the default)

Cap Ends If Closed:
  Selecting this option will close off the ends of the sweep and make it a closed solid.  Turning this option off will leave "holes" in the ends of the sweep, creating a thin shelled object.


Number of Curves:
Use Rail Knots:  
Adaptive Knots:

  Rail Options  

Use Given Rails:  Use the selected rail in the definition of the pipe
Reapproximate Rails:
Don't Use Rails:
  Ignore rails.  Just follow the selected path curve.


3-D Tolerance %:  tolerance value in percent
Number of Curves:
  number of cross curves to use in defining the pipe