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Revolve Paramaters
The Pwr_Revolve command creates a solid or surfaces by rotating a profile about a rotation axis.  This is similar to the 3ds max "Lathe" command except that it produces a smooth surface instead of polygons. 

Degrees:  Determines the angle of rotation for the revolution.

  Cap Ends  

Cap Ends If Closed:  Selecting this option will close off the ends of the revolution and make it a closed solid.  Turning this option off will leave "holes" in the ends of the revolution.

  Direction Options  

Swap Axis XY:  changes the rotation axis.  Will rotate the profile in the opposite direction.
Swap Axis Side:  changes the side of the rotation axis that the profile will be rotated about.  Similar to a mirror operation.

  Profile Operations  

Same as Power Extrude