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Pick Path / Reference / Scale
The Pwr_Sweep command creates a sweep of a profile along a curve.

Sweep Creation Steps:
1)  Select profile
2)  Choose sweep options
3)  Click on "Pick Path" button
4)  Select path to follow
5)  Optionally select reference curve for scaling 
6)  Optionally select scaling curve (the scale curve allows for a non-uniform cross section)

Pick Path:  Click on this button and then select the path the sweep will follow.
Pick Ref. & Scale Curve:  Click on this button and then select the reference curve; click again and select the scaling curve.

  Sweep Options  

Translational Sweep:  Keeps the profile at a consistent orientation (instead of rotating it along the path curve) 
Center Sweep On Path:
  With this option selected, the sweep will be created on the selected path.  Without this option, the sweep will be created starting at the location of the starting profile.
Orient Profile Perpendicular:  This option orients the sweep profile perpendicular to the sweep path.
Cap Ends If Closed:  Selecting this option will close off the ends of the sweep and make it a closed solid.  Turning this option off will leave "holes" in the ends of the sweep, creating a thin shelled object.

  Profile Operations  

Same as Power Extrude