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Pick Profile Curve
Creates a swung surface using one or more profile curves.  A swung surface is defined by a profile curve which is swept around an axis and moved in and out relative to the path curve.  It is kind of like the radius of the revolution is controlled by the path curve.  You need to be careful setting up the path and the profile curve.  In general path curve should be defined in the X,Y plane with the profile curve being defined at some point in the Y,Z plane relative to the path.  We typically do this using the "Top" viewport to create the profile and the "Front" view to create the Profile to be swept.  The path curve and the profile curve should be orthogonal to each other.   

Swung Creation Steps:
1)  Select path profile curve
2)  Select Pwr_Swung command
3)  Click on "Pick YZ Plane Curve" button to select profile shape
4)  Select profile curve