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  Material ID  

Material ID:  Assigns the specified material ID to the selected face

  Face Mapping  

Face material mapping is applied in the UV space of the face. 

U Offset:  Material offset in U direction
U Tiling:  Number of divisions (in U direction) for tiling the material as it is applied to the face
V Offset:  Material offset in V direction
V Tiling:  Number of divisions (in V direction) for tiling the material as it is applied to the face
Rotation Angle:  Defines the rotation angle for the application of the material

  Parameterization of Surface  

Determines how the surface will be parameterized which determines how the tiling will work for applied textures.

Arc Length:  Measures the length of the sides of the surface and adjusts the parameterization to match the length. This is a good setting to get a more or less even tiling across the entire model.
Natural:  The tiling will match what ever the default surface parameterization of the underlying NURBS surface for each face.
Normalized:  All surfaces will be reparameterized to the range of 0 to 1 in both directions. This is a good method if you wish to explicitly control the tiling and have it start and end at the tile boundaries.