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Filleting Options
This panel controls our "Automatic" filleting and shelling tool that can be automatically applied to any NURBS Brep Object without selection of edges.  Power Solids also has powerful "Fillet" and "Shell" commands which do enable edge/face selection and much more detailed controls. The "Automatic" fillet is useful for defining fillets on logical features of BrepObjects.  For example: you can define that you always fillet the ending face of an extrusion.  No matter how the extrusion is changed (adding profiles, changing curves, etc.) the automatic fillet will be able to determine which edges are filleted.  Typically this is must useful for swept primitives. 

Fillet All Edges:  Fillets all of the edges on the NURBS Brep object
First (End or Intersection):  Fillets the ending face of a NURBS Brep primitive (extrusion, revolution, sweep, loft, etc.) or intersection edges of a Boolean operation.
Second (Side or Ops):  Fillets the side face of a NURBS Brep primitive or the Operator's faces in a Boolean operation.
Third (Start or Original):  Fillet the starting face (face corresponding to the original profile) of the NURBS Brep primitive or the edges of the Original object in a Boolean. 

  Fillet Cross Section Options  

Radius/Distance:  Sets the fillet radius or chamfer distance
Blend Cross Section:  Creates a blended cross section fillet (more organic, smoother fillet)
Constant Distance:
  Cross section will have a constant distance.  When combined with Linear cross section, this will create a chamfer.
Linear Cross Section:
  Uniform cross section  

  Offset / Shelling  

Shell Start Face:  Shells or offsets the starting face (face of the original profile shape) of the NURBS Brep
Shell End Face:  Shells or offsets the ending face of the NURBS Brep
Corner Extension:  Option to extend the corner (otherwise the corner will round)
Shell:  Toggles to a shelling (hollowing) operation
Offset:  Toggles to an offset operation
Offset Distance:  The distance to offset