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About:  Gives information about Power Solids / Power Translators
Short Cuts
The "C", "M", "F", and "N" buttons are shortcut options for settings that apply to all of the Power Solids / Power Translators / Power NURBS objects in the model.

C:  Set display quality to Coarse.
M:  Set display quality to Medium..
F:  Set display quality to Fine.
N:  Launch Power Navigator dialog.

Nearly all NURBS Brep Object commands are compound objects (more than one input sub-object) like the Loft or Boolean that comes with 3ds max.  The commands in this dialog allow you to modify the display, ordering and selection of the sub-objects and also gives you the ability to remove and make copies or instances of sub-objects.

Result:  The default display option.  It will display the result of the Boolean or other Power Solids operation.  Operands or sub-objects are normally hidden.
All Sub-Obj:  Displays the operands or sub-objects.  This option is useful for selecting and modifying sub-objects / operands.
Selected Sub-Objects:  This option will display only the operands or sub-objects that are selected in the Sub-Object List Window (the bottom part of this panel which lists all of the sub-objects in the NURBS Brep Object).  You can select these objects by clicking on them in the list box or by using the standard Sub-Object selection tools.

  Sub-Object List Window  

The Sub-Object List Window displays a list of all of the sub-objects in the selected NURBS Brep object.  The sub-objects displayed depend on the Power Solids command that you are running.  For the _Boolean command, it lists the operands that define the selected Boolean.  For BrepExtrude (for instance), it will list the extrusion and the profile curve that defines the extrusion.  Each time a Power Solids operation is performed, the Sub-Object List Window is updated to include the new sub-objects.  The Sub-Object List Window is provided for convenient selection and editing of NURBS Brep objects and sub-objects.  The "Show Selected Operands" option (see above) will display only the operands which are selected in this Sub-Object List Window.

  Sub-Object Editing  

Extract Sel:  Extract the selected sub-object / operand.  How the sub-object is extracted depends on the Extract Option (Remove, Copy, or Instance). 
Extract All:  Extracts all the sub-objects / operands.  How the sub-objects are extracted depends on the Extract Option (Remove, Copy, or Instance). 

  Removes the selected sub-object from the NURBS Brep Object.  It essentially performs an undo on the operand. The extracted object becomes a top level object again.

Copy:  Extracts a copy of the Operand.  The original operand remains part of the Boolean. 
Inst:  Extracts an instance of the Operand (future modifications of this extracted operand will also modify the original operand) 

Re-Order:  Changes the ordering of the selected (in the Sub-Object Display List) operand.  The operand will be moved to the position listed in the text field next to the "Re-Order Ops" button.  Set the order position, and then click on the Re-Order button.  This is useful in editing Boolean operations which are order dependent.

Mesh Settings
2-Sided Mesh:  3ds Max doesn't display surfaces whose normal vectors point away from the screen.  The 2-sided mesh option will allow surfaces to display even when facing in the wrong direction.
Fast Edit:  If you are editing sub-objects using the Move/Rotate/Scale tools the fast edit will allow modification of just the lowest level object until the Move/Rotate/Scale is completed.  For example: you can edit the underlying curve of a surface and move it very dynamically without updating the surface until you are done.  Typically this is used in conjunction with sub-object point editing to speed up response time.

Cache NURBS: Please refrain from this using this button unless you have been briefed on how to cache and retrieve the NURBS part of an object out to disk files. 
License:  Use this button to enter your license information for customer licensing.