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Power NURBS Release 2.0 - A Revolution in Design

Modeled Completely with Power NURBS 2.0 by Eric Pinkel of nPower Software

Download Free Beta - NURBS Car Modeling Project

The Goals for Release 2.0 are as follows:

  • Fully Functional Surface Modeler
  • More Artist/Designer oriented Traditional Surface Modelers
  • Parametric Editing of Complex sets of Dependent Surfaces and Curves
  • Powerful enough for Automotive Design
  • Satisfy many Customer Enhancement Requests

Power NURBS 2.0 adds six new tools and updates many other tools in response to customer requests and a need to provide more powerful but easier to use tools. We think these new tools will make modeling with NURBS much easier and much more fun.

Enhanced Tools:

1) Power Trim - added trimming and splitting with projected curves and surface. See Video. Also added were powerful offset, step back and filling tools to enable the user to quickly and easily create complex surface features. See Video.

2) Power Blend - enhanced the blend by adding a double sided blend and moving much of the common operations into the right click menu. See Video. Added "Side Blending" to enable users to create blends with 3 and 4 tangent sides. See Video.

3) UV Trimming Sub-Object - a new sub-object mode has been added to allow the user to dynamically adjust the default UV trimming curves of Rail Sweep, Blend, and Corner Blend surfaces. See Video.

4) Power X Curve - added the ability to produce an intersection curve between 2 surfaces. See Video.

5) Power Composite Sketch - the composite sketch can be used to reference curves in sketches as well as edges of surfaces. You can also split a composite sketch now. See Video.

6) Creation of Surface Grids - creation of a grid on the surface which represents the ISO curves displayed on the surface. This allows drawing on a surface with vertex and curve snapping. See Video.

7) Detailer Tool - added a array copy feature to the detailer to enable fast construction of multiple equivalent details. For example create a 4 by 4 grid of holes in a surface. See Video.

8) Power Sketch - added tangent and perpendicular constraints to NURBS curves and surfaces. See Video. Added "Fix Curves" button which does automatic vertex merging setting tangency between curves. See Video. Also added right click menu items for common operations.

9) Improved MAX Text Usage - the conversion of max splines including text is now much improved. Small curves are removed and near tangent curves are made exactly tangent. The result is that nPower objects produced by these curves are much more reliable in operations such as filleting.

New Tools:

1) Power Bevel - create bevels of various shapes around the edges of a surface to help them to render more realistically. See Video.

2) Power 2-D Boolean - does 2-D Boolean operations between closed sketches. See Video.

3) Power Surface Tools - provides surface draping and re approximation. See Video.

4) Power Blend Curve - creates a 3-D blending curve between surfaces or edges. It updates when underlying curve/surfaces change. See Video.

5) Power Project - creates a curve which represents the projection of a curve onto a surface or surfaces. It updates when underlying curve or surfaces change. See Video.

6) Power Offset- creates offsets for the surfaces of a given object. See Video.