NPOWER Software - Advanced Modeling Plugins for 3DSMAX and RHINO


Artist inspired getting started tutorials by Tom Mitchell

Hello. My name is Tom Mitchell. I have been involved in design work in one way or another for a little over forty years and I love modeling. I have been using Power Nurbs for a short time now and at first, found it to be somewhat difficult to learn, so, I decided to make these videos. That way you can get up to speed with Power Nurbs quickly, and have some fun as we learn it. Power Nurbs is not that hard if you have someone like myself to lead you through it. It is very straight forward. So, let‘s get started.



Basics of Nurbs Modeling by Tom Mitchell

This first in a series of videos by artist Tom Mitchell is designed to help you get started by reviewing some of the basic concepts of modeling with Power NURBS.

  • This 5 min tutorial shows:
  • Basic NURBS modeling concepts
  • Creating simple curves
  • Creating simple surfaces

Where are my Toolbars by Tom Mitchell

This video by artist Tom Mitchell is designed to help you get your 3ds Max user interface updated with nPower Icons and tool bars.

  • This 5 min tutorial shows:
  • The location of the nPower tool bars.
  • how to add the nPower tool bars and Icons
  • What each set of tool bars do.

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