NPOWER Software - Advanced Modeling Plugins for 3DSMAX and RHINO

Exploring Power NURBS

Tips from our developers on using Power NURBS
These videos are explorations of various Power NURBS tools or technologies.  Most of these videos are generated by a computer programmer/engineer so they are quite rough and tend to use more technical jargon, but you should find them useful in expanding your knowledge of technology underlying Power NURBS.

To Download SWF (Macromedia Flash) files, use Right Click on mouse and "Save Target As" files range from 7meg to 30meg.

Exploring the Power Extrude (download SWF)

Exploring Tangent Control Handles (download SWF)

Exploring Capping off and Closing Ends
(download SWF)

Exploring Defining Tangencies for Curves and Surfaces (download SWF)

Exploring the Power Blend (download SWF)

Viewport and Render Mesh from NURBS (download SWF)

Exploring the Power Tube (download SWF)