NPOWER Software - Advanced Modeling Plugins for 3DSMAX and RHINO

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Below are the SubD-NURBS Tutorials


Power SubD-NURBS Chess Piece Tutorial

  • Convert Polygonal Models into Precise CAD Models
  • Export and Import Models as Valid Solids into a CAD system
  • Combine Polygonal Editing with NURBS Editing
  • Render and Rapid Prototype
  • Perfect the Conversion Process

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Starter Files


SubD-NURBS Overview

Take a look at the new modeling paradigm (combining Sub-D modeling with NURBS modeling).


Power SubD-NURBS Tutorial

Learn how to convert Sub-D meshes into high quality NURBS surfaces using Power SubD-NURBS


Power ScanToNURBS Overview

• Convert scanned (mesh) models into precise CAD (NURBS) models

• Apply various NURBS operations to the converted model

• Read into a CAD system

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