NPOWER Software - Advanced Modeling Plugins for 3DSMAX and RHINO

Technical Talks

Tips from our developers on using Power NURBS

These videos are discussions from our development team on how to use Power NURBS effectively.  Most of these videos are generated by a computer programmer/engineer so they are quite rough and tend to use more technical jargon, but you should find them useful in expanding your knowledge of technology underlying Power NURBS. Take a lot at some of the amazing things you can do with relative ease.

To Download SWF (Macromedia Flash) files, use Right Click on mouse and "Save Target As" files range from 7meg to 30meg.

Sketching Basics   (download SWF)

Sketching Basics continued    (download SWF)

Sketching -Editing Vertices
   (download SWF)

Sketching -Editing Edges    (download SWF)

2D Booleans and Building stacked extrusions (download SWF)

Surface Booleans (Booleans between Solids & Surfaces, and Booleans between Surfaces)   (download SWF)

Introduction to Rail Sweeping   (download SWF)


Sweeping a closed curve along multiple rails (making difficult shapes easily)  (download SWF)

Basic Sweeping  (download SWF)

Advanced Sweeping using Spline Cages  (download SWF)

Spline Cage Sweeping (also illustrates associative updating)   (download SWF)

Understanding G2 & G3 Continuity Blending  (download SWF)

Creating Blends and using Point Curves to cap them   (download SWF)

Building a tent shape (Advanced Rail Sweeps and bias control) 
(download SWF)

Reverse Engineering a Mesh model  (download SWF)

Accellerator Keys in Power editing with NURBS - amazing speed tools (buckle up and hold on!)  (download SWF)