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nPower Software announces Power Booleans 2.5 with 3ds Max 6.0 Support

San Diego, October 21, 2003 - nPower Software announces release 2.5 of Power Booleans for 3ds Max / Viz.  Power Booleans 2.5 supports the new version 6.0 of 3ds Max.   Power Booleans 2.5 also introduces new functionality, and provides bug fixes for reported problems.  The popular Power Booleans plug-in extends 3ds Max with powerful, accurate, and fun polygonal Boolean operations.  Power Booleans is powered by POPLib, a powerful polygonal modeling kernel from IntegrityWare.  Power Booleans was recently awarded the Animation Magazine Seal of Excellence award.

New in Power Booleans 2.5
Power Booleans 2.5 contains the following new features:

  • 3ds Max 6.0 Support
  • Dynamic Boolean Operations
  • Quick Help
  • New Material Application Options

3ds Max 6.0 Support
Power Booleans customers will now have their favorite Max plug-in on the new version 6.0 of 3ds Max.  Version 2.5 also supports versions 4 and 5 of 3ds Max.

Dynamic Boolean Operations
Power Booleans makes 3D modeling fun with features like dynamic Boolean operations.  With dynamic Booleans, you can manipulate Boolean operations on the fly, and watch the Boolean being performed right before your eyes.  Interactively sculpt your model by moving Boolean operands dynamically, while viewing the result in real time. 

Quick Help
Now new users can begin having fun faster because quick reference help is just a click away.  In addition to the regular help files, we've added context based quick help to the Power Booleans dialogs.

Material Application Options
Power Booleans allows the user to control how materials are inherited from Boolean operands.  You can choose to inherit materials from originating Boolean, or your can apply the material of the operand to the resulting Boolean.

How to Get Power Booleans 2.5 for 3ds Max / Viz
Turbo charge your 3ds Max  with Power Booleans, and unleash the power of your creativity.  Power Booleans 2.5 sells for $195.  Registered Power Booleans customers can upgrade to version 2.5 free of charge.  Power Booleans is available for purchase at the nPower Software on-line store (, and through various resellers throughout the world.  A free 30 day evaluation copy can be downloaded from the nPower Software web site at .

Power Booleans Customer Quotes
David Knourek: "...having way too much fun with your amazing plugin..."

Animation Magazine: "The Plug-in saves a lot of time, and I mean a lot. The incredible thing is that you may actually feel smarter when you start using this clever plug-in."

Richard O'Connell: "...can't stop playing with Power Booleans...It really is a great plugin!!"

Jan LundstrÝm: "A great product that saves us time and money on a daily basis."

Jim Mamay: "It's a fabulous product.  There really isn't any other product out there that can do what PB does."

Pavel Kostantinov: "I just want to thank you for this revolutionary version of this great plug-in...It will be the most useful plugin for 3ds Max"

About nPower Software
nPower Software LLC is a company founded by IntegrityWare, Inc. ( employees to market the technology developed by IntegrityWare over the past 7 years in the end-user graphics plug-in market. The goal is for nPower to become its own self sufficient company with its own employees who handle sales and marketing of the IntegrityWare-based plug-ins as well as other products of a similar nature based on external technology sources.

nPower Software Contact
David Gill




Swamp scene generated with Power Booleans by Sue Blackman.  View high resolution image

Cartoon modeled with Power Booleans by Don Cameron for his "Mighty Love" cartoon strip.  View high resolution image

Thousands of Booleans generated and mesh smoothed by Paul Sherstobitoff.  View high resolution image.