Press Release
For release on May 18, 2003
nPowerSofware, Inc.

David Gill
VP Product Development, nPower Software, Inc.

13064 Trail Dust Ave.
San Diego, CA 92129

nPower powers up Rhino with new Power plug-ins

nPower Software announces two new plug-ins for Rhino. Power Solids and Power Booleans bring exciting new power to Rhino, the popular NURBS modeling software for Windows. Power Solids extends Rhino to support additional Solids Modeling functionality. The powerful combination of Rhino with Power Solids provides a geometric modeling tool set equivalent or superior to those found in high end (and high priced) solids modeling products. Power Solids includes 3 new Rhino tools: Filleting Tool, Shelling Tool, and Boolean Tree Tool.

Filleting Tool includes the following features:

  • Variable radius, constant radius, and constant distance tracing
  • Fillet / Chamfer
  • Circular, linear and blend curve fillet surface cross sections
  • Handles difficult large radius, self-intersection and roll over cases
  • Saves fillet data for easy modification / revision

Shelling Tool includes the following features:

  • Solid offset with extension or rounding
  • Shelling with extensions or rounding
  • Handles many difficult self-intersection cases

Boolean Tree Tool includes the following features:

  • Union, Difference, Intersection of solids & surfaces
  • Merge overlapping surfaces to create solid
  • Automatic filleting of intersection, operator, or operand edges
  • Saves Boolean history to facilitate CSG tree editing

Power Booleans includes the following features:

  • Union Difference, Intersection of solids, surfaces, and polygons
  • High quality mesh generation with optional polygon reduction; produces quality STL files
  • NURBS Booleans & polygonal Booleans

With the blended curve fillet, users have the option of generating an organic blend curve fillet. The picture below shows some examples of the different filleting options.  The image to the left is a circular fillet.  The ones to the right are blended curve fillets (one with a 1.5 radius, and the other with a 1.8 radius).  You can see that the blended curve cross section has a very smooth transition.



Power Solids filleting opens up the power of variable radius fillets to Rhino customers. The image below shows an example of variable radius fillets.

Below is an example of a blended fillet at a corner with 3 different radii.

The image below shows an example of Power Solids shelling.

Here's what some of our early customers are saying about Power Solids & Power Booleans:

Power Solids
Chris Bahry:
"Thank-You for releasing such an excellent and functional plugin!"

Power Booleans
Jeffery Everet:
"..I certainly want this software because it is an ESSENTIAL plug-in for Rhino."

With Power Solids, the only limit is your creativity.  Power Solids sells for $295 and Power Booleans sells for $195.  A bundle of Power Solids and Power Booleans sells for $395.  Power Solids and Power Booleans are available for purchase at the nPower Software on-line store (, and through various resellers throughout the world. A free 30 day evaluation copy can be downloaded from the nPower Software web site at .