Press Release

For release on January 3, 2002
nPowerSofware, Inc.

Power Booleans 2.0 Beta now Available!
A great product gets even better!

David Gill
VP Product Development, nPower Software, Inc.
13064 Trail Dust Ave.
San Diego, CA  92129



nPower Software announces Beta availability for version 2.0 of Power Booleans, the second major release of its popular "Power" plug-in for Discreet 3ds Max / Viz. Power Booleans 1.0 is a great tool, but Power Booleans 2.0 is a spectacular tool for both the game developer and users of subdivision surfaces.  Game developers will love the level editing and enhanced mesh editing features.  Power Booleans 2.0 includes the following new features:

* Level editing (with visual hierarchy display)
* Reorder Boolean operands
* Easy modification of Boolean operation type
* Improved "Quad based" meshing to facilitate mesh editing (sub-division, mesh smooth, etc.)
* Site licensing

The level editing and improved meshing are built on top of outstanding proprietary polygon modeling technology.  This technology provides significant advantages for game development.  Game Engine development companies can license the technology from nPower Software for inclusion with Game Packs.  It is possible to License Power Booleans for GMAX and also to license the underlying C++ source code for non GMAX environments.  Contact nPower Software for licensing and product information.  

The picture below shows the new level editing menu and the new Quad based meshing.

The picture below shows a Boolean object with the new Quad based meshing.



The following picture below shows the same Boolean object with an applied mesh smoothing operation.  Note the high quality mesh.

The next picture shows the rendered image of the Boolean mesh smoothed object.

The following picture shows the rendered result of similar smoothing with text.

Power Booleans 2.0 will sell for $195. If you purchase  Power Booleans 1.5 you will get a free upgrade to 2.0. Power Booleans 1.5  is available for purchase at the nPower Software on-line store (, and through various resellers throughout the world. A free 30 day beta evaluation copy of Power Booleans 2.0 can be downloaded now at .