Press Release
For release on April 18, 2002
nPowerSofware, Inc.

David Gill
VP Product Development, nPower Software, Inc.

13064 Trail Dust Ave.
San Diego, CA 92129

nPower Software announces version 1.5 of Power Solids & Power Translators, with significant new functionality.   The Power Solids plug-in introduced the power of solids modeling to 3ds max, and supports the creation of both solids and surfaces.  Since the initial release of Power Solids, nPower Software has continued to add important functionality at the request of its growing customer base.  Power Solids 1.5 includes the following new advanced features (added since version 1.2):

  • Blend curve cross section fillet
  • Extended surface shelling
  • Import of Rhino 3.0 files
  • Export to STEP, IGES, SAT, Rhino (including Rhino 3.0)
  • Site licensing
  • Max modifier support (UVW map, bend, twist, etc.)
  • Profiles with multiple loops (or holes)
  • Quad meshing (early pre-release alpha version)

With Power Solids, the only limit is your creativity.  With the new blended curve fillet, users have the option of generating a more organic fillet. The picture below shows some examples of the new blended curve cross section fillet.  The image to the left is a "standard" fillet.  The ones to the right are blended curve fillets (one with a 1.5 radius, and the other with a 1.8 radius).  You can see that the blended curve cross section is a smoother transition.

Here's what some of our customers are saying about Power Solids & Power Translators:

David Lazarof: "I was waiting for years for this plug-in..."

Bruce Robertson (Discreet AE ): "I'm really impressed with your plugins"

Richard Toften: "Your plug-in is fantastic and I use it all the time, importing from Rhino and ProE. Thanks for providing such a useful tool!"

Mike La Fon: "I absolutely LOVE being able to import Rhino models without having to sacrifice resolution, and I love the view dependent meshing. This function alone is worth the plugin."

Bjarne Skov Sorensen: "What an excellent tool “Power Translator” is - downright indispensable."

Steve Teller:  “We got stuck with 100 separate IGES files and a week to complete a three and a half minute animation. With Power Translators, and just a few short hours, we were able to quickly translate all of the files into clean meshes with no smoothing problems. We met our deadline, and the results were fantastic.”  See one of Steve's models below.

Picture above used with permission from Amersham Biosciences Ltd.

Adding support for applying Max modifiers to Power Solids provides a wide range of advanced graphics utility.  For example, the following image shows a gear modeled with Power Solids, and (on the right) a twist modifier applied to the gear.

Power Solids 1.5 sells for $495 and includes Power Translators. Power Translators 1.5 sells for $295.  Registered Power Solids / Power Translators customers can upgrade to Power Solids / Power Translators 1.5 free of charge.  Power Solids 1.5 and Power Translators 1.5 are available for purchase at the nPower Software on-line store (, and through various resellers throughout the world. A free 30 day evaluation copy can be downloaded from the nPower Software web site at .